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Sep 24, 2022

The MentalRadio Archives reach back hundreds of years…and researchers have unearthed something special from 2011...Shadoe Stevens and the late Sam Frees (Dr. Freeze) and an interview with their idol, the legendary Stan Freberg. He was an actor, author, comedian, musician, radio personality, advertising...

Jun 7, 2022

At the Center for Forced Learning we hear Oxford educated Dr. Malinois Timmermans speak. Today’s lecture is “What in tarnation is all the hubbub? Is Hope the greedy glutton or the light at the end of the tunnel? What is HOPE?"

May 12, 2022

This is the individual feature "Dixon Finds Hope" from MentalRadio Chapter 22 "Hope" for easy access, allowing you to listen to it again and again to awaken your mind to the Infinite Better.  

May 12, 2022

This is the individual feature "MightyMan" taken from Chapter 22 episode, "Hope" for easy access to listen to again and again for a complete understanding. 

Mar 9, 2021

This MentalRadio Chapter 17 "Extra" features an infomercial for a powerful new deodorant and body spray hosted by William Shatner.