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May 1, 2023

MightyMan is back as Darius Fullovit, the Chairman of gourmet snack food giant "Crave, “ gets bad news. Hitman Darnell Babalama failed. The partner he threw off the roof from 27 floors, hit the ground but got up. So, Fullovit brings in “The Mutilator,” 900 pound "Guano Tourniquet," a professional. In the Wayback Theater we watch a feature from more than a decade ago called, Daphne Van Horne’s “Translations for the Urban Impaired.”  And Western Hero Guy Goode heads to Decadence, where crowds of Comatose Dimwittum gather and want bring back Gripe, build Gidalots, and scream “We Want More!” Could it be the end of our Champions of the Infinite Better? Humor by any other name is just funny.